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viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

DreaMule, la nueva opción P2P

DescomplicadoDifferently from any other file-sharing programs, DreaMule has a practical and vivid interface. Minimal intervention required from user, DreaMule has been all set !
The interface is simple to beginners and powerful to experts.
Downloading what you want has never been so easy!
Tem de tudoThat music your mom used to sing when she was a child? That videoclip which you love and has just been realeased on MTV? That movie which was realeased in the USA, and you're crazy to see it?
In DreaMule you´ve got everything! Dreamule network is, doubtless, the most vast of them all, including 5 million users around the world - you'll have access to everything from different cultures.
InovadorDreaMule has an unbelievable technology mix and brings the file-sharing world exclusive resources available in Dreamule only.
One example is the Low2Low technology, DreaMule's resource that ends with the common problem of LowID
The newest version is 3.2

Se baja en inglés, pero se puede instalar en español perfectamente.

http://www.dreamule.org/ingles/ (la opción es Español NO FUNCIONA AUN).