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domingo, 20 de mayo de 2018

Best forensic hard drive imaging software

Forensic hard drive imaging sometimes refers to hard drive cloning, mirror imaging and ghost imaging at the range of law, legislation, or briefly for evidence copy. Namely, when hard drive imaging is related to the term of forensic, it becomes solemn, strict and highly confidential.

So, when you're interfered with affairs that need to take legal proceedings, and the electronic evidence on a computer's hard drive or external flash disk, CD/DVD disc and memory card would assist your suit, you don't necessarily hire a computer forensics expert to obtain a forensic image at all. There is readymade forensic hard drive imaging software available to download free! It's called EaseUS Todo Backup, you may google it online and totally rely on this powerful free backup software, which ensures a proper extraction of any evidence that may exist on the subject computer with its sector by sector feature for bit-for-bit data copy.

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How to use EaseUS forensic hard drive imaging software

Option 1. Image hard drive using the backup feature.
Option 2. clone hard drive using the clone feature.

Both imaging hard drive and cloning hard drive are used to achieve the same legal purpose, however, some difference still needs your attention.

Imaging hard drive is a process of using disk/partition backup feature to copy all hard drive data and save it as an image file in a .pbd file format that only allows to open and restore by EaseUS Todo Backup. It's highly recommended if you decide to keep the evidence in multiple locations, from local disk to even network drive.

Meanwhile, you can also choose a more straightforward way to clone an entire hard drive information to another one with at least equal hard drive capacity. It's ideal to keep an identical hard drive with exact data and settings and carry it to court.

How to image hard drive using the backup feature?

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click Disk/Partition Backup.


Step 2. Choose the partitions that you want to extract electronic evidence. Then Click Destination to select backup storage location like local hard drive, external hard drive, network place, etc.


Step 3. Click Proceed to perform disk and partition imaging.

How to clone hard drive using the clone feature?

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click Clone.

Step 2. Select the source hard drive you want to extract electronic evidence and then click Next.


Step 3. Select the destination disk you prepared for forensic hard drive cloning and then click Next. Note that under Advanced options, Sector by sector clone option will enable you to clone all sectors from source disk to destination disk.


Step 4. Preview the disk layout and click Proceed to complete forensic hard drive cloning process.


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